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Title: Die's Guitar
Chapters: oneshot
Author: [livejournal.com profile] melinen aka [livejournal.com profile] daishimel
Genre: trying to be humour
Disclaimer: The same old song aka no owning
Rating: PG-ish
Pairings: DiexShinya
Synopsis: Die's guitar is bigger. Or is it?
Comments: An old, old idea of mine. I like the beginning (that I actually wrote when the idea came to me) but the ending... well, that came to me today and I'm not sure what exactly to think about it. For [livejournal.com profile] die_shinya's December calendar.

Hey baby, my guitar is bigger than yours!

It was the result of a drunken dare between Die and Kyo.

Of course, it was also something that appealed to Die’s sense of humour. He looked forward to seeing (or hearing) the others’ reactions – and Kyo’s knowing smirks concerning his ability to turn it into an innuendo (because really, how much more obvious could it get?) only added fuel to his metaphorical fire.

Toshiya, his first target, was sitting at the couch of their practice room, humming a cheerful tune under his breath (and making Die wonder just what did the bassist do to not get a hangover the size of Mount Fuji like the rest of the mere mortals that they were – well, Shinya excluded, but Shinya had learned, over the years, to measure the exact amount of alcohol to consume during the night that allowed him to appear at work reasonably fresh in the morning) and flipping through some manga.

Striking a pose, Die leaned against the doorframe and all but purred out the words, moving his eyebrows suggestively for extra measure.

“That’s a good one, Die. Maybe you should try it out on some girl. Oh yes, I forgot, you’re into guys now!”

Die blinked. Toshiya got up with a wide grin, slapped him on the back of his shoulder and left the room, all the while laughing like a hyena. Die blinked again, wondering what had gone wrong, then shrugged and decided to move on as there was no time to be wasted on things so unimportant for the bigger picture.

Kaoru, target number two, was sitting at the table, a large cup of coffee in one hand and an unfinished composition in front of him. With his glasses on and a small frown of concentration marring his forehead their leader looked almost too intimidating to be bothered. Well, almost but not quite. Die coughed slightly and took his position leaning against the table, his hand splashed carelessly near Kaoru’s free hand that was resting on the table next to the composition, and spoke. The words came out in a low murmur, punctuated by knowing smiles.

Kaoru looked up at him and gave him an uninterested glance and a silence that spoke volumes. Then he returned to the world of music, as if Die wasn’t even there to begin with.

To say that Die felt unsure about his charms now would be... well, wrong, no matter how many smirks and chaffing he got from the clearly amused Kyo. He was not worried; he had simply been practicing for the biggest challenge of the day, Shinya.

He met Shinya on an empty corridor when returning from a smoke break. He grinned, put his arm on Shinya’s way to indicate that he had something to say, and pressed forward. He could practically feel the drummer’s every move against his own body, with the close proximity that they had, while he whispered the words into Shinya’s ear, finishing with a lick of his earlobe.

Shinya looked him up and down, slow and deliberate. “Nice try,” he smirked and easily pushed past the blinking Die, leaving him, for the third time during the same day, alone and only half noticed.

Well, Die did get his payback for that particular offense by pouncing on Shinya when the drummer left the kitchen area later that evening...
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