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Title: Sweet Noise
Chapters: 25/50 - one sentence fics
Author: [livejournal.com profile] melinen aka [livejournal.com profile] daishimel
Genre: general/romance
Disclaimer: The same old song aka no owning
Rating: G/PG-13
Pairings: DiexShinya
Synopsis: Sentences from various themes
Comments: Written for [livejournal.com profile] die_shinya's Advent calendar and for this one challenge that I participated ages ago but never got around to write. Perhaps now I can actually finish it.

01. beautiful

Shinya is so beautiful, Die thinks while looking at the other, wrapped up in the sheets, asleep and all angel-like in his innocence and the touch of the youth he never has really lost yet; beautiful, beautiful, thousand times beautiful and he wants so bad to sing it out, to reach his hand down to touch him, to kiss that soft skin and hold him in his arms, protect him, keep him warm, show him how much he cares, so much that at times it physically hurts – but he can’t for Shinya has been suffering from insomnia lately and Die cannot bear himself to be the reason for the other’s awakening from the first decent sleep he has had for a longer while, so he just sits there; sits and smiles softly at his beautiful Shin.

02. heart

“You’re heartless, aren’t you?” Shinya says, tone light, nonchalant; of course he’s not serious with his words but the look on Die’s face tells him that the thought has been taken into consideration, he can almost see Die’s mind working, processing the words and their meanings, wondering if he really means it and if he does then what could he do to change his mind – and Shinya smiles inwardly, a suitable punishment for actions not quite unforgivable but serious enough to make him lose his concentration on a rather crucial point.

03. smile

Die’s smile is radiant, enough to light the whole room at least whenever Shinya is concerned; whenever Shinya feels down, all he needs to do is to look at his lover giving him one of those dazzling smiles, and all is again well (or if not well then at least better because nothing can be that bad when his Die is smiling at him like that) in the kingdom of eccentricity that is Shinya’s mind.

04. feeling

There are always feelings involved when Die and Shinya make love; deep feelings and a lot of unsaid words happen between them when they look at each other in the eye amongst gentle touches and unending passion – and when they finally end up cuddled up in each others’ arms, all comfortableness and sleepiness, neither forgets that one last kiss that conveys all the feelings they ever need to be able to feel whole, always and forever, together.

05. knowledge

With maturity comes knowledge – Die knows that from experience, and he’s of course referring to Shinya, who else, for Shinya has always been the one puzzle he has been wanting to solve, to understand, to connect with, and he is the first to admit that the way he acted around the drummer in his crazy youth ( as said drummer likes to refer to the time when they were young and reckless and wild, though Die likes to add that he himself still is all those things, occasionally, too) was not the right way to go; now, maturity does not always correspond with age but it is nevertheless true that during the years Die has learned all he needed to learn to finally win the true affection of his beloved Shinya.

06. ageless

Sometimes, when Die looks at Shinya, he could swear that his better half has not aged a day from the days when their life together had just begun; Shinya still looks amazing, all beauty and grace and elegance, his body as lean as always, and his mind sharp, tongue sharper than when he used to be this quiet, almost timid young girly boy Die secretly dreamed of; and though he knows that looks aren’t everything, he is shallow enough to delight over the fact that his lover still is the fairest of them all.

07. time

“Where does the time go…?” Shinya asks Die, looks up at him from beneath the warmness of their little nest, the other’s body heat and their lovely red blanket (red, because Shinya misses the colour of his lover’s hair, and because Die agrees but tells him that sometimes change is good); Die blinks at him and leans down to kiss his lips and murmur his reply into Shinya’s ear for what he wants to say is meant for his lover’s ears only.

08. desire

To be desired over anything or anyone else in the whole wide world is a new thing for Shinya, new and exciting, addictive even; he loves it when Die’s eyes lit up when he walks into the room and when ever after all these years he is still the only one to turn his lover on with simply a fleeting touch.

09. dramatic

Die can be such a drama queen, Shinya swears that he’s even worse than any of the girls he has ever known; Die, of course, would love to say the same of Shinya, but the fact still remains that the one to qualify for such a title, should there be voting inside the band, is the redheaded guitarist – and the whining said guitarist has a habit of partaking in after such discussions is only an indication that Shinya has always been right about it.

10. subdued

The night is quiet and calm, dim lights reflecting gently against the half-curtained window, and the darkness of the room is softer now, less deep; Die sits there on the bed, rests against the headboard and slowly runs his fingers through the sleeping Shinya’s hair, one arm around his waist and the blankets covering most of their bare bodies for Die is sure to take extra good care of his lover not catching a cold with being exposed to the slight chilliness of their bedroom – he does not really think about anything specific, just enjoys the peaceful atmosphere and the soft breathing of his lover he can feel against his chest for nights like this one are best spent in the comfort of your own bedroom with your loved ones near.

11. gold

Die’s heart is pure gold; Shinya has always known that, of course, but somehow knowing it and seeing it on your own eyes are two different things, he muses while he watches his lover fussing over Miyu, petting her gently while his little dog looks sleepily at the human by her side, still affected by the tranquilizer the vet had given her a few hours ago.

12. silver

Shinya prefers silver over gold when it comes to jewellery, and Die tends to agree with him that the colour does suit him better; not because he is as cold as the metal is, but because his beauty is better accentuated by the gentle twinkling of the grayer tones of silver than the bold yellowness of the gold.

13. dark

In their relationship, Shinya is the dark one, the enigma, the never-ending puzzle of night that Die has spent years and years to solve only to find out that whenever he’s ready to celebrate the fact that he has finally figured it all out, Shinya goes and does something that leaves him confused, trying to grasp the true meaning of his lover’s actions, over and over again; Shinya is gentle and passionate, sweet and caring, but also mysterious and distant, secretive and stoic, almost to the point of frustrating his lover to no end – and yet, Die isn’t one to give up on someone special like the one he has always loved and probably always will.

14. light

Only when the lights are out does the magic begin; Die’s hand finds Shinya’s, warm fingers intertwined with his colder ones, and he leads his lover to the sofa, illuminated by the gentle moonlight streaming from behind half-closed curtains; and when they sit there, cocooned within the blanket and listening to the words of the night, that is when they both feel most at home with each other.

15. twilight

“Twilight, what is that?” asks Die and pretends to frown, to rack his brain for knowledge hidden somewhere deep and unreachable, perhaps; “Now, I’m seeing something... it sparkles... can it be... Edward the vampire!” he exclaims, grinning from ear to ear and Toshiya huffs, he happens to like the movies, thank you very much (or, at least the girls he goes out with do and who is he to turn down a wish from a girl?) while Shinya shakes his head, amused, and holds out a hand to grab Die’s in a gentle touch – his boyfriend will just have to watch the movie with them because it is Toshiya’s turn to decide now, after all.

16. dawn

Shinya loves to wake up early in the morning and look out of the window, to watch how the new and the old, the quick and the slow, anything and everything unfolds in front of his very eyes – that is, until there is an arm pulling him back down on the bed and something else to use those precious minutes for.

17. power

“It’s a funny thing, power,” Die muses, lightly tracing his fingers over Shinya’s trembling inner thigh before breaking the contact with a smirk; “You think you have it, and suddenly... you no longer do,” he continues without a care in the world, and Shinya clutches at the restraints securing his wrists to the headboard and wishes that for once, Die would have the power to resist the sound of his own voice and just fuck him already!

18. protect

When looking at Die and Shinya, one could think that Die is the one protecting his sweet, delicate-looking boyfriend – but in reality, Shinya does most of the protecting; not because Die is weak or because Shinya himself never needs the protection being loved by the one you love can bring, no, but because oftentimes Die just does not feel like arguing with his stubborn lover over things that do not really matter all that much.

19. courage

It takes courage to admit your feelings to your friend, no matter the gender of said friend, and Die and Shinya both know how true that sentence is; oh, how well they do, they will never forget just how long it took for Die to let go of the playful teasing in favour of actually confessing, much less how Shinya never really let himself believe in what he heard and felt until a certain redhead got enough of his indecisiveness and simply invited himself over for the night; that night marked the change in their relationship, and neither has shown any regrets.

20. faith

Shinya has always had faith in Die, even when he was at his weakest and struggling with hard times in the past, the sensitive being that he had always been; Shinya was always there for him, though, not once giving up on his strong belief that together they could move mountains should said mountains cloud their way – Die used to give a weak smile and tell him that his worries tended to be the size of a mountain, but with Shinya by his side they often shrank down to mere hills, to which Shinya simply smiled, kissed his cheek and spoke, “I told you so.”

21. pray

“And what, pray tell, would you do with me now should you have the chance?” Shinya asks, all amusement mixed with slight teasing; Die looks at him, feigns a frown (though Shinya can tell he’s only acting) and answers with, “Well, I would start with chaining you to the bed… and I’m sure you can well enough imagine the rest, can’t you, love?” while emphasizing the world ‘rest’ and Shinya’s mind immediately flies back to those times they have spent their nights doing exactly that and so much more, and all he can do is blush and smile at his lover’s knowing glance at his wrists that are comfortably resting against the guitarist’s chest.

22. intensity
Die’s eyes are intense when they look into Shinya’s from a close distance, almost too close if Shinya does not distract himself with something else, anything; but he is not afraid, that is what he says when Die asks the question, and proves his words with a gentle kiss on the lips so that his reclaiming of his private space would be more efficient.

23. cool

The crisp wind that caresses Shinya’s cheeks feels nice after the half an hour’s worth of special time with Die, cooling his heated cheeks and helping him come down from his high; their little secret kept carefully behind lock and key, carried on between practices, meetings, and other such things is what keeps him going even after endless nights with insomnia and their hectic schedules, and it makes him feel better to know something the others do not.

24. warm

“Die makes me warm,” is Shinya’s simple answer when a curious band mate asks him why he likes to share the guitarists bunk while they’re on tour and sleeping on the tour bus; he could, of course, go on and on with how he loves Die and how being with him is all he needs to be happy and so on and so forth, but oftentimes he opts with a shorter answer instead as that is just as much true as those other things.

25. whisper

Whenever another band member trusts Shinya with a secret of any importance, knowing that he always keeps his silence, Die is ready to tease and torment his lover until the other would learn to share (Die’s words, not Shinya’s); he even tries to deny Shinya sex if the other will not promise to spill it, though, unsurprisingly, that never works – the longest time Die has managed to go without is a day and a half, but they do live together which is his excuse should anyone care enough to inquire about it – and Shinya is the one left to smile after yet another failed attempt from his silly lover.
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