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Title: Silly Kyo
Chapters: oneshot
Author: [livejournal.com profile] melinen aka [livejournal.com profile] daishimel
Genre: general/romance
Disclaimer: The same old song aka no owning
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: KyoxToshiya
Synopsis: It is practice time and you are bored.
Comments: Written for my Christmas calendar. Yep, posted late as ever, but this time I can blame my old laptop and the fact that I needed to switch to a new one. (It was the best Christmas present, I can assure you of that. XD)

It is practice time and you are bored. It is not quite the time to call it a night and go home yet, but it is not exactly the time to continue either, for the others are nowhere to be found. Not that you wouldn’t be able to find them should you get the urge to do so. Kaoru and Toshiya are just outside, having a smoke or five – they asked you to join them earlier but you chose to decline due to the desire to try and quit that awful life consuming habit you used to like so much…

You allow a tiny sigh escape your lips but then you remember Die and Shinya and the way the former gently but determinedly ushered the latter out of the room, a steady hand on the small of his back, claiming to have something important to share with him, and you can feel the corner of your mouth stretching upwards, forming a tiny, slightly skewed smirk. Knowing Die, that something could be just about anything from a new guitar he was considering buying to a declaration of love. Not that you’d blame Die if it ever came to that, his obsession of Shinya is actually quite cute.

You just hope that if it ever comes to that, he would know how to handle Shinya.

Though, you shrug a little, after all this time (and considering their closeness) Die will do just fine.

Aside from the occasional little slips, but hey, Die is human (just like the rest of you) and humans make mistakes, even Shinya does, he’s no saint and you’re glad that he isn’t for holiness would become boring quite soon.

Boring, just like you’re feeling now, and even more.

You glance around the room pensively, wondering about ways to entertain yourself now with everyone else gone for you are almost ready to bet that they won’t come back anytime soon.

Then, your eyes fall on Toshiya’s bass, lying there quite innocently on its stand, and you cannot help moving closer to it, as if you’ve never seen it before, untrue though it is, but you do find yourself getting a desire to touch it and maybe... play with it a little?

It is his bass, after all, and you have spent countless moments watching how his fingers run up and down those strings, leaving behind beautiful melodies that blend in wonderfully with the sounds coming from the rest of your instruments.

You are not sure when it happened, but suddenly you are curiously running your fingers over the same strings, amused by the noise you are producing. It doesn’t sound like it does when he plays it, of course, but it was to be expected for you are not a bassist but a singer.

Not that you haven’t tried playing bass before. You have, but you suppose you just got bored of it and eventually you switched to singing which is your true desire in life.

Which is good, because, well, imagining that you would be the bassist? For one thing, he wouldn’t be there with you now.

That just wouldn’t be nice, so you’re glad you are the singer instead.

Suddenly, you can feel a presence behind you. You have no time to turn and face who you can only assume to be Toshiya, when something unexpected happens.

“Silly Kyo,” it is a soft whisper against the skin right behind your ear, and you can feel a faint shiver running down your spine as a result.

When did he get so close to you, anyway?

And, more importantly, when did you start reacting to his closeness this way?

You barely have time to turn over – though you do get a good look of the smirk playing on his lips – when he already leans down and covers your lips with his soft ones; it is just a simple kiss, but it leaves you feeling slightly dizzy nevertheless, and when he only smiles at you and wordlessly makes his way over to the couch you do the only thing you can think of: you walk to him and kiss him in return.

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